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ground. traffic is backed up for about 8 miles. to add more misery to what is going on around here, there is now a three car crash northbound 97 just north of 50. that is causing major delays. be advised, if you are coming southbound 97, you will not be able to go eastbound on 50. they will make you go westbound. for people taking route 50 to get to 665, they have shut that ramp down because of this accident as well. >> tonight's big story, first lady michelle obama is in the state tonight. >> mrs. obama is certainly proving she is one of the most effective campaigners the president has. we're live in morgan state were the first lady is scheduled to speak in just a few minutes. >> the first lady has a packed schedule here in maryland tonight. she arrived here at morgan state university about 30 minutes ago. her fund-raising supporters have
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been gathering on campus for the past four hours. those supporters have their choice of tickets with prices ranging from $100 to $5,000 to 10 belsen dollars. this visit was announced at -- $10,000. this visit was announced at the end of last month. it is at the murphy fine arts center on campus. it is sold out. mayor stephanie rawlings blake and governor o'malley will be in attendance as well as a lot of everyday marylanders who could not pass up the chance to see the first ladies begin person. >> it is huge. it is huge. they are feeling the love on behalf of all of the hard work the president has done. >> what are you hoping to hear her talk about?
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>> education, health care, all inclusiveness. i know that she cares about 100% of america, and that is what i stand for. >> the reception was scheduled to start right around now. print media is the only media allowed inside, so we're not sure if they are on time or what is going on inside. from here, the first lady will go to a concert and reception at a private home in baltimore county. reporting live at morgan state university, wbal-tv 11 news. >> late breaking details on the road to november elections. mitt romney has revealed more of his tax returns. he earned more than $13 million last year. our coverage of commitment 2012 continues with nicole live in washington. >> campaign officials say that romney got an extension and just filed with the irs today.
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>> mitt romney pose a tax returns back in the headlines, his campaign releasing them for 2011, showing the nominee earned moret than $13 million. of that, he paid about $2 million in taxes, for a rate of about 14%. he has stepped up his attacks on president obama. >> he said he cannot change washington from the inside. he can only change it from the outside. we will give him that chance in november. he will go outside. >> you cannot change washington just from the inside. you change it from the outside. >> but in virginia, mr. obama offered his own comeback. he sat up and a rally and proudly declared i will get the job done from the inside. what kind of inside job is he talking about? >> a voucher program is not
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going to be a good deal. >> the president and paul ryan vied for votes at an aarp conference. >> the first step to a stronger medicare is to repeal obamacare. [boos] >> it does not matter if you're 75 or 25. old people vote. they vote in much greater proportion than younger people. >> mitt romney is 65. his campaign also relieving a health report from his doctor late today, who declared the candidate healthy and physically fit to meet the rigorous demands of the presidency. >> thank you. meanwhile, the rev. al sharpton and other national black clergy members have joined the battle over same-sex marriage and maryland. voters will decide whether to uphold the law in november. today during a news conference at the national press club in washington, d.c., the ministers
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declared that they want to dispel the myth that all african-american ministers are against same-sex marriage. david joins us live from the news room. >> the messages straightforward. theological debates should take place in houses of worship, and not in houses of government. but there are those who declare that al sharpton is leading a band of renegades who do not speak for the broad african- american community. >> this is not an issue about gay or straight. this is an issue about civil rights. >> the rev. al sharpton and a dozen other church leaders came together to dispel what they call a myth that all african american preachers are fundamentally opposed to same- sex marriage. >> people of faith have the right to be in the public square. we do not have the right to impose our religious beliefs on others in matters of marriage equality. marriage equality is a public policy issue and not a
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theological 1. >> back in march, governor o'malley sign legislation legally recognizing same-sex marriage. the law does not go into effect until 2013. maryland will be one of four states to vote on whether to uphold same-sex marriage laws. both sides of the issue are expected to spend millions to sway public opinion. calls are pouring in at the headquarters in annapolis. reverend sharpton -- he says reverend sharpton does not speak for the broad community. >> i do not think he really holds a lot of clout. >> this pastor disagrees that this is a civil rights issue. >> i am sure we can work out something where we do not have to redefine marriage for everybody. people have the right to live as they like. they do not have the right to redefine marriage.
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>> after president obama came out in favor of same-sex marriage, polls reveal an uptick in support. pastor's seeing beginning to struggle with this issue around the country. they want to give the president a pass on this issue. >> minnesota is voting on a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. campaign advertising for and against same-sex marriage is expected to separate the air waves starting next month. >> david, thank you. remember, you can always get the latest political news on our website, there you'll find the most up- to-date information for state, local and national elections. >> there was a fast-moving fire earlier. fire crews were called to the scene of an apartment complex around 11:15 a.m.
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a woman and her baby were trapped inside one of the units but crews were able to rescue them. it took about an hour to get everything under control. we know the officers injuries were minor and the woman has been treated for smoke inhalation. investigators are still working to determine a cause. investigators also investigating another fire that happened just hours before. this was at about 8:15 a.m. where flames were shooting from the kitchen of the home. two people were able to get out just in the nick of time thanks to their neighbors to warn them by banging on their door. the tories cannot confirm the extent of their injuries, but we know that -- authorities cannot confirm the extent of their injuries, but we know there were taken to northwest hospital. >> nice day across the area on this last full day of summer, 2012. fall begins tomorrow morning at 10:49 a.m. and there will be a transition into fall-like weather over the upcoming
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weekend. right now, temperatures near 70, a fairly mild temperatures all the way toward hagerstown. these temperatures will remain with us. there are some showers and cool, cloudy weather over the great lakes. that will push for us as we begin to weaken tomorrow. details on the approaching front and the seven day forecast in just a few minutes. >> as the orioles approach what could be their first post-season in 15 years, and -- fans are certainly getting ready. playoff tickets go on sale tomorrow morning. 11 news reporter sarah samson joins us live from the silver spring mining company with more. >> things are already starting
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to heat up here. you can see that there are a lot of people here already. this is the first of what will be several orioles buckle up rallies. the oriole bird will be here giving out merchandise, giving away tickets. there is also food and drink specials here tonight. playoff tickets to go on sale tomorrow morning. if you want a shot at those, he will have to have your laptop ready. ought hey word b tickets for the monday double header this morning. his postseason tickets are already reserved and he hopes one of them will land him at a playoff for the first time in 15 years. >> about wild card tickets and game one ending two four home. >> tickets for the potential wild card game and division series games will go on sale
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tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. but do not code of the box office. playoff tickets can only be purchased on line. >> get a cup of coffee and the waiting for 10:00 a.m. on your computer. we expect the wild card and being one of the division series the game one of the division series to go very quickly. >> is still unclear whether the orioles will qualify for the wild spot ordovician spot. >> people say we want to come to it -- for the wild-card spot or the division spot. >> you need to buy two tickets, but for the wild-card and a division series game 1 because we do not know at this point if we would get the wild card or the division title. >> is oriole spokeswoman says fans with tickets for games that are not played will get a full refund on their credit card or can put it toward season tickets
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for next year, a choice fans hope they will not be making. >> i have no idea how they are winning. they keep doing it. they lose some games, but when it comes down to it, they find a way to win. >> the rally here officially begins at 6:30 p.m., so there is still plenty of time to get out here and enjoy it. >> quite a party. federal regulators have a warning tonight for the parents of babies. >> an ingredient has been linked to several recent infant deaths. what you need to know is ahead in tonight's medical alert. >> you would think lance armstrong would bring a race more prestige.?o?o?oçoíc';woçwk
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>> anyone planning on participating in the triathlon next month will be able to qualify for another race. they have lance armstrong to thank for that. in order to welcome him to the race, they had to give up their
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official sanction. that is because armstrong has been banned from all sanctions sports. that means this race is not approved by u.s. a triathlon officials, losing prestige for athletes. the organization sponsoring the event pays for their own event insurance and they have received more registration since the announcement. alert,onight's medical parents and caregivers be advised, i do not give a thickening gel called simply thick to babies of any age. the thickening agent that is used to help infants with swallowing problems can increase the risk of death. since may of 2011, 22 babies have developed a condition where tissue in the intestine becomes
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inflamed after using the product. seven of those indians have since died. -- of those infants have since died. evidence tying sodas to weight gain is rock solid. several studies out today verified the link. students lost weight when they replaced sodas with non sugary drinks for one year. that was especially true among latinos. >> if they did drink soda, it there was about a 300% risk of becoming obese. >> wow. that moret than implies that people with obesity may alter their fate simply by choosing healthier drinks. >> now, your forecast.
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>> another pretty nice day across the area, this last full day of summer, 2012. it feels kind of warm out there in many locations. changes on the way. you can see some clouds and showers to the north and west of us. that is a sign of changes that will come rolling through over the weekend. for now, we are on the eastern side of that activity and still enjoying mainly clear skies. the change in air masses over the northern lakes collides with these and that is what is triggering the clouds and showers to the north and west of us. that will push across the region tomorrow evening. right now, we see temperatures ranging from 68 on the western side of the state to 70 degrees downtown. 81 in frederick, 80 in college park, 77 in salzburg and 72 and ocean city. tonight in baltimore, we will stay east of all that activity.
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milder temperatures than we have seen for the past two nights. sun set at seven:04. -- 7:04. tomorrow afternoon, fall air. chicago is only in the 50's. there will be a significant have to change as the front moves through. we start off tomorrow with clouds. through a around 8:00 in the evening there will be a line of scattered showers and you might hear a rumble of thunder before a purchase of the eastern seaboard late tomorrow night. by sunday, high-pressure filling back in. mainly sunny skies. it is going to be breezy but cool and feeling like fall as the new season arrives right on cue. tomorrow, 80-85. we are going to hold onto summer right to the last minute. 10:49 a.m. is the official start
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of fall. keep an eye on this guy if you're out tomorrow. there is the possibility of 3 foot waves in the day in the afternoon and evening. this evening, cool for sure. 60's tomorrow, low-50's on sunday. there is moisture coming off the great lakes that might keep showers going through the weekend in western maryland. it will dry out on the eastern shore tomorrow. and lots of sunshine for some time -- for sunday. in ocean city, the day tomorrow is pretty decent, partly cloudy and 83. on sunday it will clear out a little bit. the ravens are playing sunday evening and by then we should have some really nice weather. on sunday, cooling through the low-60's through the football game in the evening. sunny skies on monday. 44 in the morning. high of 65. nice weather tuesday and another
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friend arriving in the middle of next week. >> thank you. for students and parents in baltimore county, relief is on the way. >> officials are adding air- conditioning to more than a dozen schools that have been dealing with the heat for years. we will tell you which schools and when they get it, just ahead. >> it is not just a conf
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>> purple friday in baltimore as the rangers get ready for a huge game against the new england patriots. >> huge game. purple friday is exciting but it is also difficult for one family this week. the johns family has understandably mixed emotions. we have that story. >> for whom do you root? that is the situation. jack and jackie squared off last thanksgiving and their son squared off. their son is defensive tackle
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for the ravens and their other son plays for the patriots. art has earned a spot in the rotation. there is also a middle child. he is busy this weekend too. he is a mix martial arts champion with a title fight friday night. >> i told them to do what they have been doing and stick with the ravens, but we will see. they will try to stay neutral, hope we come out healthy and have a great game. >> he is excited. he has been waiting for this his whole life. that is a long time. it is a great story, a great family. quite as if they needed more stories. now they have another.
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at 6:00, we will talk about the possibility of being the one to kick. >> i wonder how they raise a family of such great athletes. >> the three of them growing up together, the wrestling they did was legendary. >> i'm assuming nobody messes with that family. bus to the ravens question of the day. what do you think is the most important ravens game of the season? text the letter a. if you think that sunday's game is the most important. text the letter b if you think any game against pittsburgh is the most important and then text c if you do not think we will know until september -- until november. we will tell you the results tonight at 6:00. >> each and every game is important. still ahead, one last trough for
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the space shuttle endeavor. >> but the final ride to california was not exactly smooth sailing. >> and serious concerns from the baltimore county school superintendent
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal tv-11 news at 5:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00
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continues now. >> the high school graduation rate for african-american males is out. the graduation report comes from the center for public education. it is a 50-state report on public education among school systems with more than 10,000 ackeafrican-american students. >> our education reporter is live in the newsroom with the story. fourth in the nation sounds great, but 67%, not so much. >> the baltimore county school superintendent could not agree more. he says the graduation rate as it stands now is not a acceptable. he has policies in place to boost those numbers. >> when you are filling out an application, make sure you fit
5:30 pm
the requirements. >> it is college search today for this all male african- american class of 2013. they have been together since ninth grade and expects to graduate in june. >> i really hope they will help me find what i want to do as a career when i get older. >> 67% of black males finish high school in baltimore county. that ranks the district fourth behind montgomery county and districts in new jersey and north carolina. >> he says it could be better. >> it is a shock when you see that the graduation rate is low. >> these students are part of a target program that helps them prepare for graduation. >> this program taught me a lot about college readiness. a lot of the things they told me my parents could not have told me because they did not go to college. >> this program is part of the
5:31 pm
added, which stands for academics and viet -- avid, which stands for academics via individual determination. >> we also do things outside of class. >> back in class, the goal is to raise the graduation numbers even more across the country. >> our expectation is a lot higher. i know we can do a lot more and do better. i think under the leadership of dr. vance year able to keep the initiatives that are here. graduation rate for african-american males in baltimore county is less than that for white and latino students. you can see the entire report on our website at click on "education alert.
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" >> thank you. meanwhile, within the next two years, students at 18 schools will be cooling off in class, prompted by demands from parents. school board officials are adding air conditioning to dozens of schools starting next year. take a look at the list of schools slated to get the upgrades. there are six of them by 2013. 12 more are scheduled for the improvement by 2014. we have a list of all of them on our website. just go to and click on education alert. >> it is a big night for democratic voters in baltimore. first lady michelle obama is speaking rainout to a pack reception at morgan state university is it right now to a packed reception at morgan state university. tickets range from $100-$10,000. she is also expected to attend a private fund-raising event afterward. more now on breaking news we
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told you about at the top of the hour. state police are still on the team of the multi-vehicle crash on i-97 in annapolis. right now just one lane is getting by. delays extend back a few miles. that crash involved two cars and a pickup truck. one person was sent to the hospital. troopers say they will be on the scene for at least another hour. new details to 9 on a shooting in broad daylight in west baltimore that left a -- tonight on a shooting in broad daylight in west baltimore that left a man dead. the shooter kept shooting even when his victim was lying on the ground. happened around 2:30 p.m. yesterday. homicide detectives are still looking for the shooter and believe he tossed the weapon nearby before running off. at this hour is in no clear suspect. >> the space shuttle endeavor continues its grand tour tonight, flying over los angeles for one last time before retiring to a california
5:34 pm
museum. >> is the final flight for endeavor, one last victory for nasa and the entire shuttle fleet. >> incredible, absolutely incredible the amount of human knowledge that goes into this thing. >> after 25 missions that stretched across more than 120 miles of space, this time endeavor was a passenger, strapped to the top of a 747 as it sailed above the california coast, dipping down to sweep more than 20 landmarks along the way. >> that was so awesome, the last time we're going to see space shuttle endeavor in the air. to have the flyover my hometown in sacramento -- >> from sacramento to san francisco and this classic image of the orbiter framed by the golden gate bridge. and a touch of the dramatic as it soared past the hollywood sign before landing for the last time at los angeles international airport.
5:35 pm
after a few weeks of final preparations, endeavor will move to its permanent hangar at the california science center. but that trip could be one of its most controversial journeys. cutting a path for the spacecraft means losing at least four hundred trees. >> replant them. why cut them down? >> officials say it is their only option. they promised to plant twice as many trees as they have cut down. >> we get two four one. >> a fair trade for many angelenos. >> i am really excited to see the endeavor. it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance and i am glad to see it happen. >> a glimpse of history as endeavor comes to rest along the west coast. >> an unusual hostage scare in
5:36 pm
downtown pittsburgh. >> a man keeps everyone posted through facebook. how it all and did, plus -- >> a malnourished teenager shows up wondering and confused at a bus stop in los angeles. police say it is the tip of the anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs.
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two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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>> covering the nation tonight, a hostage situation in downtown pittsburgh has ended peacefully. what is even more interesting, police say the suspect was posting updates during the incident on facebook. friends started using the social media ssite to urge him to stop, which he did. he was holding the owner of a company against his will for more than five hours. no word on the motive and the victim was not hurt. >> a couple in atlanta facing multiple child abuse charges
5:40 pm
after police say they started their son four years. the tories did not discover the incident until the 18-t -- authorities did not discover the incident until the 18-year-old turned up at a los angeles bus station last week. an employee called police because the boy looked like he was only 12 or 13. >> 97 pounds, 5'3". the lapd officer said his skin was translucent. he was obviously malnourished. >> the teenager said his mother and stepfather had kept him locked up for four years in a basement in georgia. on his 18th birthday, they drove him to mississippi, put him on a bus and gave him a list of homeless shelters. the couple is now facing charges and authorities have found a couple willing to care for the teenagers. >> protests about the anti-islam film first shown here in the united states have now turned deadly again.
5:41 pm
in pakistan, police fired tear gas and live ammunition to try to subdue rioters. three people were killed and dozens more injured. the pakastani government declared today a holiday so that people could rally against the film. >> the race is on for general motors to correct a problem impacting thousands of vehicles. >> with vehicles are being recalled and what to do if you are driving one. >> what people are saying about the new iphone, coming up. >> a few scattered showers over the weekend. we will track the new front headed this way. 76 of the airport.
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>> good afternoon. coming up at 6:00, first lady michelle obama is in baltimore tonight, campaigning to keep her husband in the white house. her message to a packed house at morgan state university. and the reason neighbors say this establishment is being
5:44 pm
quakes there are about a dozen new parks in the city of baltimore today, but they are all running on the meter. it is part of an international effort to create more public
5:45 pm
space. participants all around the city purchased a parking spot and turned it into whenever they wanted. a local artist turned it into urban farming. there is a lot more where that came from. >> they get the space for the whole day. people create parks, places for yoga. artists have gotten together and and sculptures. >> the overall mission of parking day is to call attention to the need for more urban, open space. the movement began in san francisco in 2005. >> now your forecast. >> at dwi today, as the high temperature was one degree above average. the average is 76. we hit 77. the morning was a little cooler of 53. 96 is the record high. a chilly 3750 years ago in 1962
5:46 pm
for the record low. fairly mild right now, 81 and frederick. much of the eastern shore enjoying a mild afternoon. look at the changes coming our way. 49 around international falls. 58, green bay. chicago, 54. that air will sweep through the mid-atlantic during the afternoon tomorrow. fall begins tomorrow and that fall air mass is moving in our direction. we will split the difference tomorrow. we will start on the warm side of the front and finished the day on the cooler western side. there are some showers associated with that air mass change. right now is dry along the i-95 carter, but the showers will get here tomorrow afternoon. tonight will not be as cool as tomorrow night. tomorrow, the front comes
5:47 pm
through. you can see this swirl of clouds driving those fronts south out of canada. each time one of those final boundaries moves through it has the potential to produce a shower. tomorrow morning should be decent. we will probably see highs in the low-80's which means that if the sun moves through the warmer area, it will likely trigger a shower. on the eastern shore, we have a better chance of a thunderstorm in the late afternoon or evening. by 3:00 in the morning, it is way off the coast, so sunday should feature clearing skies. certainly very nice weather to finish the weekend and take us right on into monday as well. for tomorrow, high temperatures 80-85. southwest wind ahead of the front will warm up and it will feel a little more human too. afternoon storms arrive with the actual friend. if you are venturing out on the day tomorrow, be advised it could be dusty tomorrow
5:48 pm
afternoon. -- gusty tomorrow afternoon. on the eastern shore, one more warm day tomorrow until it cools off to the low-7's on sunday. ocean city, a pretty good time to go to the beach. nice weather during the daylight hours, showers coming through tonight, and then it clears up again on sunday. sunday evening -- high temperature sunday only 70. in the evening, it will cool rapidly. 44 by monday morning and then a cool, send a day with monday's high only 65. -- sunny day with monday's high only 65. >> we begin a consumer alert with the iphone 5. dozens of customers waited in line for hours this morning to get their hands on the latest version of the apple smartphone. this was the scene along fleet
5:49 pm
street at the verizon store. there was an even longer lines at the at&t store. analysts expect a total of 10 million phones to be sold by monday. store inventories are expected to go fast. apple says is already sold out of iphone 5, so online orders will not ship for another three- four weeks. apple has already sold 85 million iphones alone over the past five years. the new version has received what has become an almost ritualistic welcome. >> for apple fanatics in new york city, there was no missing the iphone 5 debut. the devotion had hundreds lined up for hours if not days. >> why do i do it? it is just an experience. >> it turns the simple act of making a purchase into a jubilant celebration unworthy of
5:50 pm
a sports championship. hundred share the sentiment in japan and hong kong. >> if is a very good product. >> larger screen, better optics, thinner, lighter. >> it also has a quicker processor and faster access to 4g networks. but the amounts are gone. the new maps system has drawn -- google maps are gone. the new system has drawn criticism. apple had a record two million presale units in 24 hours. crags once people get hands on with this phone, they no longer say it is disappointing. they are blown away by it. like it makes the rich will wait worthwhile. -- it makes the rich will wait
5:51 pm
worthwhile. >> incredible. the timing of the release of the iphone could not be worse for blackberry. it is dealing with a service interruption at his impacted thousands of -- that has impacted thousands of customers. last year, many users were left in the dark for three days. blackberries as the problem was fixed after just a few hours. a potentially dangerous problem with some gm cars as those vehicles on the recall list. it is the 2007-2010 chevy malibu. gm says there is a transmission problem that can cause cars to roll away unexpectedly. so far, four crashes have been reported. owners are being informed by
5:52 pm
mail when to set up appointments for repairs with their dealers. >> we have some breaking news right now. skype team 11 has just arrived over a police involved accident in northeast baltimore. let's go out live. >> this is westbound northern parkway just east of harbor road. dear is a crowd involving inner- city unit and a civilian -- there is a crash involving a city unit and a civilian vehicle. expect some delays as you travel the area. that thank you. some sick children at johns hopkins got a special visit this morning from 3 olympic gold medalists. you may remember jessica long, the paralympic and who shattered the world record this year for the 400 meter freestyle. the visit is part of the
5:53 pm
national campaign for children with chronic illness. the olympians were handing out the joya jars -- joy jars. >> i like getting to know them, asking what sports they like, if they watch movies. >> this was part of the jesse reeves foundation. she lost her fight with inoperable brain cancer and started a foundation that provides stars to 15,000 kids across the country. loud noises, big crowds, no parking. some people are blaming a catering venue for problems in their community. we are stepping in. what we found out in a live report at 6:00. >> gearing up for sunday's game, ravens fans take a look back and a look ahead at what will hopefully be a better outcome.
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>> sunday night the baltimore ravens will take on the new england patriots at home. you will recall that the last time these two teams met, it ended the ravens hopes for the super bowl. we talk about the past and the future. >> go orioles. go ravens. >> she loves her baltimore sports teams.
5:57 pm
>> i am ready to celebrate both birds. i'm a diehard fan. >> when it comes to football, diehards still have a hard time with this one. yard missed field goal attempt. many fans consider it the most devastating loss in history. >> broke my heart. >> devastating. it should have never happen that way. hopefully, today we will beat them. >> that is what i am after. today we beat them. >> that was rough. my husband had a hard time that day. >> that was so disappointing. >> pamela brown felt it in heard that that day. purple is in her blood. she was in tampa to cheer on the ravens and is still not over the loss. >> i know how hard we fought to get back to where we were before. >> now the ravens phase the
5:58 pm
patriots again, this time at home. certainly, not everyone is looking at this game as a rematch, and they are not holding onto the past. instead, they say it is full steam ahead. >> you can i keep looking at the past. the past is not going to change anything. you have to look toward the future. >> feeling positive. feeling real positive. we are going to cream them. we are. as revenge. it is all about baltimore, baby. caw! >> you know it. go, ravens. i see is very good. though, ravens. here is what is coming up at 6:00. >> the rev. al sharpton creates a stir jumping into the same-sex marriage debate in maryland. details straight ahead. >> first lady michelle obama is
5:59 pm
at morgan state university. we are live at her sold-out fund-raiser, next. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news. live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal tv-11 news at 6:00. >> rev. al sharpton and other national black clergy members have joined the battle in the same-sex marriage debate in maryland. >> today during a news conference at the national press club in washington, they declared that they want to dispel the idea that all african-american ministers are against it. we are live in the newsroom with that story. >> this announcement comes less than two months from election day. reverend sharpton's group declared their part of a full court press to educate voters on what the ballot question is about and what it is not about. >> it is not an issue about gay >> it is not an issue about gay or
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